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Blonde mom Tommie Jo gets fucked by Jordi from behind

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Description: Jordi ENP is forced to enlist in Tommie Jo’s boot camp for disgruntled teenagers, but he could have never imagined exactly how terrifying, and sexy, his new Drill Sergeant is. Despite his persistent fear of Tommie, Jordi has snuck a stack of porno magazines and his cellphone into the barracks. Tommie nearly catches Jordi flipping through his magazines before evening inspection, but Jordi only has the chance to quickly hide them in his trunk. Tommie immediately senses something is amiss when she notices that Jordi’s bed isn’t perfectly made, and she tears off the sheets and finds his phone under his pillow. This leads to a more thorough inspection, which puts Tommie in the position where she has no choice but to discipline Jordi using her most extreme measures.
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